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Jeanette Wenger

About Jeanette Wenger

Jeanette Wenger is HoMedics’ Ellia Ambassador. As an employee with our company, she gets to see lots of behind-the-scenes fun. Jeanette is also a busy mom and uses essential oils to stay balanced and relaxed.

8 Tips for Holiday Hostesses

Everyone knows hosting holiday gatherings can take your stress level from 0 to 60 in no time, but creating meaningful memories doesn’t have to drain your energy or wallet. Save time and money with these “stress-less” tips for your holiday gatherings. .

The ultimate way to create a stress-free […]

How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

For many people, juggling the demands of a career and a personal life is an ongoing challenge, and achieving the elusive “work-life balance” feels like an impossible goal. In today’s “do more with less” competitive reality, here are some tips on how we can manage careers and families, and […]

5 Ways to Deepen Your Personal Practice

Most of us lead extremely busy, active lives. Too often, our personal well-being falls last on the priority list, so it’s important to incorporate “me-time” in your schedule. Creating a personal practice (whatever that looks like for you!) does not have to last hours. Ten minutes would be great, […]

10 Ways to Unwind at Night

Life can be so full and busy. At the end of the day, it’s important to recuperate by taking time for yourself! Here are my top 10 tips for chilling out:

When you look at cooking as a relaxing, creative activity — rather than a chore […]