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Amber Ashley

About Amber Ashley

Amber Ashley is a Certified Aromatherapist and Ellia’s Essential Oil Expert. She has more than 20 years of professional and personal experience with essential oils. Amber formulates all of Ellia’s signature blends and consults with the team on best practices.

Infographic: All About Orange Essential Oil

If you love orange essential oil, you’ll love this infographic! Learn all about the origins and uses for this great oil.

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Infographic: The History of Essential Oils

Have you ever wondered about the history of essential oils? This easy-to-follow infographic takes you through the turning points in history. Check it out!

What other essential oil history facts would you include?

Infographic: All About Peppermint Essential Oil

Have you ever wondered about the origins and uses of peppermint essential oil? Check out the graphic below!

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Ask the Expert: How Are Essential Oils Extracted?

We know we love our essential oils. We know we crave different aromas, according to our mood. We know they’re derived from the plant after which they are named. But, how do they get from the plant to the bottle?

Various forms of distillation and extraction have been known and […]

Essential Oil Vacuum-Freshening Hack

When your vacuum smells musty and dirty, it makes your whole house smell the same way. Gross!

Here at Ellia, we’ve devised a wonderful hack to freshen your vacuum (and your entire home) while you tackle your chores. Grab your favorite Ellia Essential Oil and check out the graphic below!


Give […]