It’s been a long day. Deadlines. Taking the kids to practice. Making dinner. Finishing homework. Freelance assignments.

When all is said and done — when the lights go out and the kids get in bed for the night — you have to decide whether you’ll do the same, or use that quiet time to take a few moments for yourself.

If you want to reclaim your “me time,” here are 5 great tips to help you wind down at night:


  1. Tense and relax your muscles. You may have used this “tense and relax” technique in a yoga class. It works to quickly reduce the tension throughout your body. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and start at your face by squeezing your muscles tight for a couple of seconds, then releasing. Do this for muscle groups all the way to your toes. Focus on the sensation of stress leaving your body as those muscles relax.


  1. Fire up the diffuser. Aromatherapy is a core component to providing emotional well-being. Lavender essential oil is a go-to for aiding in relaxation. When combined with meditation, a massage, a long bath, or a comfortable chair, essential oils can provide a way to wind down from the day.


  1. Take deep breaths. A lot can be said for simply concentrating on slowing your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth; concentrate on slowing the rate of your breathing.


  1. Relax with yoga. Even if you’re not a pro, basic yoga poses and breathing techniques ease the mind and relax your body. Namaste.


  1. Read a good book. Find a comfortable spot in your home, curl up with a good book, and lose yourself in the imagery and story for a while. You’ll find yourself relaxed and maybe even a bit tired.


Well wishes to ending your day with relaxation!