If you’re in the market to sell your home this summer (or if you just want to make your house more welcoming), staging is key. Improve the appeal of your home through staging it well.

Think botanical. From floral framed prints and paintings on your walls, to floral patterned pillows, artwork, and citrus essential oils, mimic Mother Nature with the use of botanicals in your home.

Freshen the air. Utilize essential oils in various ways throughout your home. Use lemon or orange essential oils in your diffusers to bring a refreshing citrus fragrance throughout your home.

Deodorize sinks. Fill your bathroom and kitchen sinks with hot water, a few drops of your favorite essential oil (citrus oils are my fave), and a couple squirts of castile soap, like Dr. Bronner’s. Let the water/oil sit with the drain plugged for a few minutes, scrub, then drain. Enjoy a fresh, fragrant sink for days.

Clean with oils. Add essential oils into a water/vinegar mix and use it to clean floors and other areas of the home. The lasting scent will make for a perfect environment for potential buyers to walk through.

In addition to essential oils, utilize these other summertime staging tips:

Enjoy the daylight. With sunset after 9 p.m., maximize the after-work showings.

Green your thumb. Take curb appeal to the max with lush, green grass, flowerbeds, shrubs, and container plants in full bloom.

Highlight outdoor living. Make your pool area and backyard entertainment spaces resort-like, showing off its entertainment “wow” factor so that potential homebuyers will be able to easily envision enjoying those outdoor living spaces.

Cool your home. With high temperatures, set your thermostat to be cool during showings.

Change the curtains. Infuse your room with natural light using sheer panels.

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