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5 Ways to End the Day On a Good Note

It’s been a long day. Deadlines. Taking the kids to practice. Making dinner. Finishing homework. Freelance assignments.

When all is said and done — when the lights go out and the kids get in bed for the night — you have to decide whether you’ll do the same, or use […]

5 Ways to Deepen Your Personal Practice

Most of us lead extremely busy, active lives. Too often, our personal well-being falls last on the priority list, so it’s important to incorporate “me-time” in your schedule. Creating a personal practice (whatever that looks like for you!) does not have to last hours. Ten minutes would be great, […]

Essential Oils 101

For those of you new to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, I bet you have some questions!

Let’s start with some basics:

Essential oils are the aromatic isolates of distilled plant material. Basically, they are the compounds that give plants their distinctive smell. Essential oils […]

Using Essential Oils to Stage Your Home

If you’re in the market to sell your home this summer (or if you just want to make your house more welcoming), staging is key. Improve the appeal of your home through staging it well.

Think botanical. From floral framed prints and paintings on your walls, to floral patterned pillows, artwork, […]

Make Life a Little More Stress Free

Being a working mom and wife can get a little hectic at times. To be your best, it’s all about finding the perfect balance in life. It’s finding the calm in the storm while you have your life wrapped around your fingertips. You can’t lose sight of yourself or […]