Although summer is my favorite season, nothing can beat the wonderful colors and smells that come in fall. I love the change this season brings, not only outdoors, but also within my home. It’s so fun to decorate and create the cozy mood of fall in our house. I have a couple of quick changes I use every year to decorate, and this time around, I’m excited to include Ellia Essential Oils.

Have you decorated, yet? Get started now, just in time for Thanksgiving, with these four tips to create autumn ambience.

1. Try long-lasting pumpkin decor.
While we love to carve pumpkins with our kids around Halloween, they don’t last very long. They’re great for the front porch when the neighborhood lights up for trick-or-treating, but they shrivel up long before Thanksgiving comes. When I want to bring pumpkins into the house, we decorate in different ways. We like to bedazzle, paint, and stud our pumpkins for a mix of textures that last through the season. The kids and I love to make up patterns for our pumpkins. White pumpkins bring the warmth of fall without being as obvious as the typical orange, and in our clean, crisp home, they match wonderfully.


2. Set the mood with homemade meals and goodies.
Something about the change of weather to cooler days makes baking and cooking so much more fun. The warmth of the kitchen and the smells that fill the house just add to the feeling of the season. Walking in the door to the smell of freshly baked goods makes you feel like you’re home. Smells are so powerful that way. A nice meal with your family at the end of the day makes everything feel so comfortable and close.


3. Feel the power of fall flowers.
I like to keep live flowers in the house all year round. There are always lovely seasonal choices. I switch the flowers weekly (at least!) to keep them fresh and so they can match my mood. Having living plants in our home when everything else is going dormant for the year lends such a vibrant feeling.


4. Diffuse a seasonal scent of essential oils.
Again with the smells! Sometimes, there isn’t time to cook or bake, and that’s when I turn to Ellia. Early in the morning, before any smells have permeated my home, I like to diffuse Ellia so I’m never without that fall feeling. In this season, my favorite scents are Orange and Open Up. They fill my home with seasonal smells, and they bring the season inside without any work at all.


How are you decorating your home for the fall holidays? Tell us in the comments below.