Being a working mom and wife can get a little hectic at times. To be your best, it’s all about finding the perfect balance in life. It’s finding the calm in the storm while you have your life wrapped around your fingertips. You can’t lose sight of yourself or the chaos begins. Trust me, I’ve been there before — more times than I can count.

To make the transition to a relaxed state, nothing is better than a therapeutic grade essential oil. My personal favorite is Ellia. I use the “Let Go” Relaxation Blend to help with relaxation, meditation, and concentration. The lavender highlights create a grounding and centering experience.

You need to find the peace within you, and once you have, it all falls into place. You’ll soon hear the dust settle, the noise tune out, and you’ll hear more laughter. Balance is the word you’re almost searching for. For many working moms, they are clamoring for the balance of life at home and life at work. Figuring out how to juggle it all and be content.

It’s possible. It’s so possible.

Life runs by quickly, and you need to literally stop and catch yourself before you miss a beat. Enjoy the soccer games and dances before your kids grow up. Your work will be there. That “one more email” will be there. The tables can wait to be cleaned after the kids go to bed. If you don’t take time to relax and enjoy what you have, you may miss the life you were given. Breathe in, breathe out, use Ellia Essential Oils, and you’ll be on your way to an incredible journey of balance and calm.