Everyone knows hosting holiday gatherings can take your stress level from 0 to 60 in no time, but creating meaningful memories doesn’t have to drain your energy or wallet. Save time and money with these “stress-less” tips for your holiday gatherings. .

  1. The ultimate way to create a stress-free holiday is to plan ahead and have a “to-do” list. Know what you’re capable of doing and delegate to others. It makes them feel more involved.
  2. Prepare as much ahead of time as possible. Pick recipes you can freeze, like soups, casseroles, and even desserts.
  3. You’ll never run out of snacks if you shop with entertaining in mind. Stock your pantry with a variety of crackers, nuts, and cookies to easily have on hand.
  4. Have a supply of drinks available for self-serve so your guests can help themselves. Don’t forget to keep a basket of coffee, cocoa, and teas handy, too.
  5. Create a comfortable setting by having a playlist of soft holiday music running, and don’t forget to incorporate Ellia Diffusers—an essential add-on for any gathering.
  6. Deck your halls. You don’t have to go overboard with covering your exterior in lights. Just add a spritz of holiday décor inside and out to show you are in the spirit.
  7. Host an “open house” during a certain time period to allow flexibility for guests attending.
  8. When it comes to gifts, Ellia Diffusers and Essential Oils are a wonderful idea. Have a few on hand, so when a friend springs an unexpected gift exchange on you, you’re ready.

Then, with careful planning and organization ahead of time, you can enjoy this holiday season just as much as your guests. Good luck!