For most people, oxygen, light, and heat are essential. But for essential oils, they’re quite the opposite. In fact, too much of them can actually reduce an oil’s quality and its shelf life — which is why finding a storage space can sometimes be a challenge.


Are your essential oils stored in the right spot? To find out, take a look at these seven tips:


  • Pass on plastic. Did you know some essential oils are so powerful, they can actually dissolve the plastic bottles they’re stored in? That’s why if you’re given the choice, you should go with glass, as that can never deteriorate.
  • Go darker to last longer. When essential oils are exposed to light, they can lose their scent and their effects. To avoid this, always buy bottles that are amber or violet.
  • Steer clear of sunlight. Since light can do damage, the best place for your essential oils is somewhere that’s dark.
  • Keep them cool. When it comes to a storage spot, the ideal temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees — which often makes the refrigerator a popular place to store your essential oils.
  • Close your caps. You don’t want any drops to evaporate, so try not to leave your essential oil bottles exposed to the air. Oxygen also deteriorates the quality of the oil over time.
  • Hide from the wrong hands. It’s also important to keep essential oils out of a child’s reach — even if they have a childproof cap.
  • Consider a carrying case. This way, your essential oil collection can stay safe in one place.


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