For many people, juggling the demands of a career and a personal life is an ongoing challenge, and achieving the elusive “work-life balance” feels like an impossible goal. In today’s “do more with less” competitive reality, here are some tips on how we can manage careers and families, and feel satisfied with both.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Prioritize your day and max out every hour (and minute) to focus on the most important outputs to achieve your goals. Know there are times when you have to throttle up and there are times when you can throttle down, leading to a more productive life, both in and out of work.

Shut Down Computers and Cell Phones
Step away from the email! There is always another email to reply to or an issue to solve at work. Every piece of technology has an off button, so use it. It’s hard at first to break the habit, but once you unplug and step back, it will help keep things in perspective. Once you’ve unplugged, find your favorite Ellia Essential Oil to diffuse as you wind down.

Schedule Personal Time and Time Away
If you don’t allow yourself pockets of personal time, you’ll become too burned out to fully appreciate any part of your life. Use your vacation time — plan for it each year. It’s important to take a step back to physically and mentally recharge.

Create Good Personal Life Habits
Setting strong habits, such as sleeping eight hours, avoiding checking your email for the first couple hours of the day, getting outside daily, and taking time to eat right and work out, will make you healthier and happier.

Learn How to Say No
Consider all the things that compete for your time, and decide what to keep and what to discard. Remember that you can respectfully decline proposals for extra activities. When you stop doing things out of guilt, you’ll find more time to focus on the activities that you truly enjoy.

Achieving balance in both your work life and personal life allows you to perform optimally in both areas. When we find that balance, we feel more productive and rejuvenated!

What are your favorite ways to maintain balance?